I perform several roles from the Agile 'stable' both inside or supporting development teams.  Typically these are:

Scrum Master:

As part of a development team, a Scrum Master is charged with enabling the team to achieve high performance through properly enacting the Scrum Methodology, dealing with issues and impediments and providing team leadership to drive delivery.  

My previous 10 years of development experience allows me to understand and collaborate with teams.  My approach guides my teams up the learning curve to responsible, empowered, self-organization using practical, valuable, simple techniques with a dash of empathy, discipline and humour.


Agile Coach:

As Agile Coach, I bring years of experience to bear in supporting teams, departments and organizations in their pursuit of Agility.  My remit is much wider than only Scrum or Kanban, but can draw on the whole Agile and Lean movement. My aim is to find a suitable, customized way of working that brings the benefits of Agile while respecting and supporting the client's working culture and preferences.

This means I can support, assist and advise people in all parts of your organization, both technical and business orientated.


Product Owner:

The product owner role in Scrum is key to he success of a product, and must work in partnership with the development team and Scrum master.  My experiences of development, Agile release management and product development in different sectors and organizations means that I can play this role to its strengths.  I do this by seeking understanding and collaboration with key stakeholders within your organization.


Kanban Master:

The Kanban Master is very similar to the Scrum master, in that I bring experience, creativity and discipline support the teams delivery and drive toward s productivity.  Kanban is preferred to deal with high levels of uncertainty, such as a service desk or product maintenance environment where fast reactions and advanced metrics are required.