What effect do Agile methods have on Management?

Agile Methods are management techniques based on empiricism and team enablement, and it is important to recognize the crucial importance and skills of good management in an Agile organization just as in any other. 

Agile is not just for developers!

When Agile methods are introduced to an organization, rarely are all the benefits realized if the management of the organization is not also engaged and involved in the adoption

Team empowerment means management can focus on higher-level functions such as governance, budgeting, resource management and strategic research

My role is to support and assist managers at all levels in their understanding, application and exploitation of Agile methods to pursue greater operational and strategic success.  This can take many forms, such as:

·         Short, customized presentations

·         Targeted training sessions

·         Healthcheck, troubleshooting, Advisory sessions

·         Mentoring, Coaching, ad-hoc Consulting